How to make it without the irreplaceables

Simple and efficient, based on confidence in competent, independent and responsible staff. That, in a nutshell, is how things work in the Nordic region. There is a flip-side to the coin, however: a high degree of dependency on the individual. But this is a situation you can deal with – using a Nordic solution.

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There is every reason to believe that dependency on individuals will increase. And there are a few simple steps your company can take to reduce dependency on individuals – initiatives that also have a positive knock-on effect on control, liquidity and profitability.


Is dependency on individuals rising or falling in Nordic companies? We would like to see research in this area, but in the meantime it is relevant to highlight the following:


  • Nordic companies are generally extremely efficient, powered by early adoption of new technology, a strong sense of responsibility among employees, and an inherent resistance to bureaucratisation.
  • The Nordic business culture, which is based to a larger extent than elsewhere on confidence in highly skilled individuals, is marked by relatively major decisions and responsibilities being handled lower down in the organisation.
  • In the context of interaction with international competition, which is becoming increasingly common even in previously “shielded” sectors, it is becoming necessary to produce more on the basis of fewer FTEs.
  • Lean processes and automation (“robotisation”) are both contributing to radical improvements in efficiency, and placing responsibility for large processes in the hands of just a few individuals.


We at House of Control believe that in and of themselves, these factors are leading us in the direction of increased dependency on individuals. This is, from several perspectives, the flip side of the coin of everything that is good about work life and the business culture in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


In practice, we experience the consequences of this when employees leave the company. And the problem becomes even more serious when they leave abruptly and/or you do not part as friends, especially in companies that have not already firmly established many of the necessary control routines.


You have almost certainly experienced the following situation, or something like it: when people who leave the company carry important aspects of control and management in their brains – or in Excel spreadsheets that only they understand – you need to devote a frustrating amount of time to “restoration”, while facing increasing costs linked to agreements and obligations the person in question entered into on behalf of the company.


Time consumption, costs, frustration … Problems in all these areas can be linked to all kinds of agreements and obligations:


  • Leasing agreements on vehicles and computer equipment
  • Premises rental agreements
  • Retainers paid to marketing agencies
  • Membership of keep fit centres


The list could easily continue … The common denominators are ongoing obligations and costs, often auto-renewing. What is more, these are often agreements that carry little benefit for the company, or which the company does not make full use of after the departure of a key employee.


This is not how it should be – nor how it needs to be. There is actually a Nordic solution developed on the basis of just this type of unfortunate experience with lack of control. It is a smart, user-friendly solution that allows the company to enjoy full control long after it has paid for itself.


Complete Control, as the solution is called, is a cloud-based service that assures you control of conractis, obligations and assets:


  • Get an overview of contracts without having to rely on individual people
  • See all your future liabilities quickly and easily
  • You receive notifications of expiries, renewals, due dates, etc.
  • Much easier budgeting process with a full overview of all your contract-related cash flows
  • You can see who is using equipment and assets at any time
  • The system generates asset reports that show the actual value and book values of your assets
  • Simple import and export to Excel and PowerPoint
  • Intuitive system with easy administration
  • 100 % web-based SaaS system – no new infrastructure needed
  • Complete Control is available in 5 languages.


Are you ready to wipe out dependency on the individual in your company?


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