7,800 new users: 10 reasons users chose Complete Control

by House of Control | Sep 14, 2020 10:37:47 PM

In 2019, we welcomed a total of 7,800 new users of Complete Control, the market’s leading tool for managing contracts, assets and liabilities. We maintain constant dialogue with our customers, and regularly ask them about their user experience. The feedback has many common features, where the following stand out:


1. Having a full overview of all ongoing contracts with service providers enables rapid cost reductions
2. The dashboard provides full control over all contracts, including costs and notification of approaching expiry dates
3. Quicker and more accurate budgeting and cash flow projections, with residual commitments just a mouse-click away
4. Automatic price adjustment of customer contracts
5. Reduced dependence on key personnel when all contracts are registered in the same place, including a log of all changes
6. Smart calculation and handling of IFRS 16 tasks
7. Useful add-on products such as digital signatures, ESG measurements and intelligent contract reader
8. Less stress and fewer resources used to gain control and search for contracts
9. An exceptionally user-friendly tool that interfaces with all ERP systems, with access to expert help in all the Scandinavian languages
10. Rapid and seamless implementation with no need for a dedicated project manager

Virtually every day, businesses enter into new contracts with service providers and customers: software licences, vehicle leases, mobile phone contracts, rental contracts, catering and coffee machine contracts etc. Some of these are strategically important, whereas others are common to all organisations.

The contracts are generally signed by many different people throughout the organisation – at different levels and in different departments. These amounts all add up, and maintaining a combined overview and being able to follow up contracts in practice is a constant challenge.

Maintaining control of all contracts is even more difficult when employees change roles, go on leave or leave the company. This applies in particular when individuals with responsibility for multiple contracts depart for new pastures and contracts are recorded in a spreadsheet only the former employee understood.

Dependence on key personnel is the common denominator when multiple small amounts accumulate and erode the bottom line. Contact us today to discuss how your business can gain a combined overview!

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