Webinar: This tool professionalizes IFRS 16 compliance – and gets the job done faster and better

by House of Control | 2/15/21 1:57 PM

Have you ever felt the pain of using spreadsheets for IFRS 16 compliance? If yes, this webinar may be exactly what you need to transform effectiveness and efficiency. Spoiler: Here’s a short video on how the solution works.

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Calculation of balance sheet values and depreciation. Quick and easy reassessment of changes in the agreement that have financial consequences. Registration of extension options. The notes report…

If you’ve been involved in the above-mentioned work with leasing contracts, you’ve probably already experienced how time-consuming and frustrating spreadsheets can be. Besides, how do you answer these questions:

  1. Have you resolved the practical challenges involved in collating all the data about the company’s leases?
  2. Do you have a suitable central solution for administering the leases?
  3. Is this a platform where you can manage and monitor the leases in a commercially effective manner?
  4. Do you have a solution that registers all the relevant financial data required to perform the calculations?

On 2 March you are invited to look at how our solution for IFRS 16 compliance works. It is sophisticated in terms of functionality. Yet, it is both easy to use and effective for complying with the requirements - and more. Based on our own research as well as feedback from leading accounting experts, we believe our IFRS 16 solution is the best in Europe. Software and support is available in all relevant languages, including English, German and Nordic languages.

This is our IFRS 16 solution (register for webinar)

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