Great expertise and great software help clients comply with IFRS 16

by Karl Oscar Rosli Karl Oscar Rosli | 6/7/22 3:16 PM

The auditing and consulting company RSM helps its private and public clients comply with IFRS 16. House of Control talks to Danielle Stewart OBE, Head of Financial Reporting at RSM UK, about how the right software can make this onerous task much easier.


RSM are experts in IFRS

RSM help thousands of clients in the UK private and public sector meet detailed requirements. IFRS 16

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is one of the standards that is most demanding for the CFO and the finance department to manage. 

IFRS 16 changes how various leases are capitalized by recognizing a lease liability and right-of-use asset on the balance sheet. 


“IFRS 16 is professionally demanding and requires a lot of work from finance teams. We assist our clients with legal and accounting expertise, so they can be confident their company meets requirements. Sometimes, however, the challenges go beyond skills and expertise: they are related to technology. This is when a package like House of Control’s IFRS 16 solution can makes such a difference” says Danielle Stewart, Head of Financial Reporting at RSM UK. 


Together with her colleagues at RSM, she has helped many leading private and public companies comply with IFRS 16.


Stewart observes:

“It goes without saying that it is a big logistics job just to collect all the leasing agreements and get full control. The practical aspects of handling leasing contracts and contract data are complex. Many people spread across several locations enter into leasing agreements, yet the finance department needs a centralized overview. Options, currency, and changes in terms and the discount rate add to the complexity. A great way to handle this is with modern, digital tools”.


RSM is agnostic


RSM is agnostic when it comes to the client's choice of tools, but they recommend tools that are easy to implement and maintain. “We wish clients to have the best in terms of user-friendliness, security and - not least – functionality. In my opinion, House of Control’s IFRS 16 software can provide all of these,” concludes Stewart. 


For more information about House of Control's IFRS solutions, visit the IFRS 16 software product page.


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