Introducing Complete Control's fresh new look and feel

by House of Control | 2/18/22 2:10 PM


We are happy to announce that Complete Control contract management system has a new design with a fresh new interface and better readability.

See webinar recording (English version): Introduction to the new interface

Complete_Control_webinar (EN)_february_2022 (720p)



See webinar recording (Norwegian version): Introduction to the new interface

Complete Control webinar (NO) 02_2002


See webinar recording (Danish version)

See webinar recording (Swedish version)



  • Fresh modern interface
  • Makes it faster and easier to navigate
  • Better contrast and readability
  • Help and settings in the upper right corner
  • other improvement

We will automatically update all users on Friday February 18 as part of our ongoing product improvements.


Fresh, modern user interface


The interface has  more room for what's important. There is improved color contrast making it easier to spot important navigation elements. The new font is also easier to read on small and large screens.

The main left menu has lighter background and streamlined feel to help people work with the most important tasks.  Important links and buttons have a bright blue clear color to indicate that they are clickable. 

Improved navigation

In addition to new look, we have improved navigation. 

Some of the changes include:

  • Help is moved to top right and includes improved online guides
  • Support and contact info is easy to find
  • Personal settings and system settings placed next to Help
  • Key navigation elements such as 'Create contract', 'Reports' and 'Search' are  moved to new positions based on user testing and research
  • Increased focus on universal design

There are several other small but significant improvements in this release. Going forward, we will continue to test our products and develop each touch point  to make the best experience possible.

Interested in learning more? 

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Complete_Control_webinar (EN)_february_2022 (720p)


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