Webinar: This Nordic procurement solution can save you millions

by House of Control | Feb 4, 2021 9:45:45 PM

Larger companies lose millions every year when discounts lapse because employees make purchases outside of existing framework agreements. In addition, the finance department spend hundreds of hours registering new suppliers and manually managing “lost” invoices.

We have now launched a completely new tool that solves the problems: All the framework agreements in the same online store, at no cost to suppliers - where PunchOut is easy. Complete Procure is a webshop that is as easy to use for your employees as the online stores we use every day.

Since this is a solution made by a Norwegian SaaS company, software, support and sales reps are available in Nordic languages, German and English.

In addition to securing discounts, Complete Procure streamlines the everyday life of CFOs and makes the ERP system work even better:

  • The online store is easy to manage, and you quickly import the catalogs in the framework agreements.
  • It is easy to include local and smaller suppliers even when these are "less digital".
  • An automatic purchase order and invoice number are created, which prevents time-consuming, manual and frustrating work with the approval of unmarked invoices.

Feel free to take a look at our website, where you can test our ROI calculator. Also, you can watch four short videos that demonstrate Complete Procure's power and ease-of-use.

On Tuesday 2 March at 1000 we arrange a short webinar. Here, we will give a short introduction to Complete Procure. 

Go to www.houseofcontrol.com/complete-procure to register. Would you rather like a private demo in your own language? Go to the bottom of the same page to register and tell us when you would like to connect! 

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