Why Signicat + Complete Control = Even Better

by House of Control | Sep 14, 2020 10:36:55 PM

The ability to sign contracts and other documents digitally in Complete Control increases the effectiveness and utility of this already powerful tool. That was why it was important for us to choose a partner that was absolutely top-drawer. We chose Signicat.

Every day, private and public sector organisations handle documents that require a signature.

You may, for example, be signing a contract with a supplier, an employee may be confirming that they have received a new mobile phone, a business associate may be signing a non-disclosure agreement, or a company director may be confirming that they have received documents relating to the next board meeting.

Digital signature capability makes Complete Control even better
When we recently made a digital signature solution available to users of Complete Control, we realised that traditional use of the tool would be considerably improved, because a digital signature is both more secure and far more efficient than keeping track of a physical signature.

But we also saw that users quickly expanded their use of Complete Control. Before, they had registered mainly contracts, current liabilities and assets. Now, many people are using our SaaS solution for the kinds of documents mentioned above – and many others, too.

With use of Complete Control being scaled up and becoming increasingly important to users, it was crucial for us to find a digital signature supplier that was a world leader and could keep pace with our ambitious growth in the Nordic Region and globally.

Why we chose Signicat
We chose Signicat because it is a company with a quality and level of ambition that matches our own. The company was founded in Trondheim, Norway, in 2007. We believe they are the world’s leading supplier of digital identity and digital signature solutions.

Signicat’s solution confirms the identity of the person signing the contract with the help of the leading digital identity schemes in all the countries in which we operate. This means that Complete Control can be used worldwide.

Signicat’s solution is used by banking and financial institutions, insurance companies, government bodies, major companies, as well as SMEs. Signicat handles the identification and authentication of users, and enables documents to be signed and preserved digitally.

Award winner that meets every security requirement
Signicat’s solutions meet every requirement made by highly regulated sectors and markets. They have over 800 customers in the financial services and other sectors, and perform more than 20 million identification and signing transactions per month.

This has attracted worldwide attention: Signicat has won a number of prestigious awards in recent years, including: the Norwegian Fintech Achievement Award (2017), Smart Security Week (2017), the Aite Group Impact Innovation Award (2018) and two Florin Awards (2018).

Let’s get together to discuss how your company can improve the administration and signing of all the important documents you handle day to day.

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