Developing a strategy for the company is one thing. Making the strategy work is another entirely. With Effectplan, as a CEO you can now develop and monitor the strategy in the same system as the one used by the CFO and the controller.

Effectplan in brief:

  • Helps you to optimise and monitor the company’s results
  • Creates collaboration throughout the whole organisation for a joint corporate strategy
  • Unites and simplifies your business processes
  • Provides support in interaction with your Board, investors and stakeholders
  • Supports integrated, streamlined and consistent performance management
  • Creates a healthy, strong, analytical and efficient finance department

Unified control

Effectplan gives the organisation a shared tool to support the finance and control functions at all levels. The tool unites all related processes, from strategic and operational planning to forecasting and reporting.

Clear performance management

Effectplan helps the organisation to keep all parts together as it strives to achieve a common goal. Controls provide the ability to both monitor at a general level and to go into greater depth in selected areas, including comments from coordinators. Perform analyses, take direct action or notify others to take action.

Greater peace of mind

Total organisational business governance with base data that drives more well-founded decisions creates peace of mind when you meet investors, stakeholders or the Board for your budget briefing.

Sharpness analysis

You get a stronger, more analytical finance department that works more calmly, methodically and efficiently. You benefit from more sharpness and depth, and from employees who are in good shape and can be fully utilised without overtime.