Manager responsible for budgets

Cut down the time you spend on planning. Create a calmer workplace. And translate the company’s strategy into specific activities in your department. With Effectplan, all your planning is bundled into one single system. You create a more efficient department by means of more consistent planning and the ability to reuse previous plans.

  • Complete control over the planning process
  • Analyse how production, price changes or potential sales affect the result
  • See how your daily activities affect financial results and the accuracy of the accounts
  • Peace of mind as you know that the whole planning process is being monitored centrally
  • Bring quality to the plan and the process without creating stress
  • Collaboration and teamwork in the whole organisation
  • Conduct financial checks and monitor deviations
  • Streamline processes for organisational and operational control with full transparency.

Joy and efficiency – every day

Effectplan is a leading financial software solution that automates and simplifies planning and analysis by means of consolidation, reporting and disclosure. The result is a joint strategy that helps your business to know, drive and achieve defined goals.

Clear performance management

You don’t need an instruction manual with Effectplan. Effectplan is designed for users and is easy to work with. At the same time, the system contains advanced functions that simplify and streamline your business.

Basis for joint strategy

With Effectplan, you can use a uniform, joint strategy to run and manage multiple business processes. Why not use drivers that your business feels familiar with? If you work with keys, such as occupancy per hour/day or prices/m2, you don’t need to register amounts, you just need to register numbers.