Project manager

As project manager, you can work completely independently with your budget in the same way as you did in Excel. But you can now obtain ongoing information about your outcome. Work with additions that you can then follow up directly. Suitable whether you have an IT project or a construction project.

  • Complete control over the planning process
  • Analyse outcomes on an ongoing basis without needing to register data manually
  • See how your daily activities and incoming invoices affect the result
  • Peace of mind as you know that the whole planning process is being monitored centrally
  • Bring quality to the plan and the process without creating stress and late evenings
  • Collaboration and teamwork in the whole organisation with project controller
  • Reconciliation against milestone
  • Streamline processes for operational control with full transparency
  • Web-based but with the facility to work with Excel imports

Joy and efficiency – every day

Effectplan's enables you to create your own project template and simplifies planning and analysis by means of consolidation, reporting and disclosure. Direct follow-up as outcome data from the business system can be collected on an ongoing basis and balanced by activity.

Get started right away

You don’t need an instruction manual with Effectplan. Effectplan is designed for users and is easy to work with. At the same time, the system contains advanced functions that simplify and streamline your business.

Basis for joint strategy

With Effectplan, you can use a uniform, joint strategy to run and manage several project processes.. You choose for yourself with columns and rows to include in your budget, and which data you want to compare with. Can be integrated and delegated with one or more plans.