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Strong and purely organic growth

2019 was a year of strong and purely organic growth. Sales increased by a healthy 1 per cent and annual recurring revenues rose by 24 per cent. At the end of 2019, the value of our ARR portfolio was NOK 102 million, up NOK 27 million compared to 2018.

15 years of contract lifcycle management: This is House of Control

What was stolen? This is what the insurance company asked Lasse Sten when the then managing director of a computer equipment distributor reported a break-in at his office in Oslo. It’s also what prompted him to establish House of Control.

Things to consider when buying contract lifecycle management tools

Many businesses are aware of the potential benefits of contract lifecycle management tools. This includes avoiding automatic renewals, cutting out unnecessary costs, gaining a clearer overview of future commitments, receiving timely notification of renegotiations, reducing dependency on key personnel and budgeting more quickly with more accurate projections.

Poor contract lifecycle management can take nine per cent off your bottom line

How much does it cost if you can’t secure the agreed discount on a framework agreement? How much do you lose when options aren’t exercised on time? How much does it cost when contracts are not renegotiated? One thing that all Complete Control customers have in common is that they have considered these challenges.

News: Intelligent and rapid reading of contracts

Introducing our new Advanced Contract Reader (ACR)! Now you can apply the benefits of machine learning to contract lifecycle management, with our advanced contract reader. Registering contracts has never been simpler, quicker or more accurate!

The overview you need to cut costs quickly

The coronavirus has created significant uncertainty concerning both the income and the outlooks for many businesses. For any CFO, cost containment is the best self defense. Here’s how to quickly get a complete overview when you need it the most.

The little-known positive news for the environment

The 2020s will be critical for the world’s future, and many people will pay close attention to how businesses use raw materials and energy. Fortunately, there are already many positive signs on the horizon.

Should you buy or lease your equipment? That’s something you need to consider!

What is the actual cost of ownership if you choose to lease instead of buy? The best option will depend on the company asking the question. You should consider the following before making your decision.

Budgeting for those who value their spare time

Is your budget for 2020 not quite there yet, despite the new year having already started? Don’t despair! Here are a few tips on how to finalise a good budget in no time.

Why Signicat + Complete Control = Even Better

The ability to sign contracts and other documents digitally in Complete Control increases the effectiveness and utility of this already powerful tool. That was why it was important for us to choose a partner that was absolutely top-drawer. We chose Signicat.