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Finally: Signing contracts – and everything else that needs confirmation – digitally

More securely, simply and quickly: House of Control now supports the digital signature of contracts and other documents, in collaboration with Signicat, Europe’s leading provider of verified digital identity solutions.

IFRS 16: Process implementation challenges and how to deal with them

Meeting the requirements set out in IFRS 16 is a fantastic opportunity to boost the overall efficiency of the accounts department, says Jacqueline Schwär, a German IFRS expert at Cap Gemini. Here are her tips for successful implementation.

7 reasons to care about automatically renewing agreements

One of our clients says they are “hyper-allergic” to agreements that renew automatically. But what exactly is the problem with this kind of agreement? We can see at least seven reasons to care.

IFRS 16 - rapportering

The ultimate solution for IFRS 16

Quick and accurate reporting of leases and leasing contracts.

Here are the criteria for recognising leases in the balance sheet

Is the lease in practice an investment? If the lease fulfils 1 of 4 criteria, it will probably be recognised in the balance sheet.

5 ways to reduce dependence on key individuals (before the holidays)

Is your company left vulnerable if specific employees do not return to work after the holidays? Here are a few easy ways you can reduce your dependence on individuals before the summer.

At least NOK 5 million is expected to be spent on fulfilling IFRS 16 requirements

A major survey conducted by KPMG shows that companies all over the world are struggling to comply with the requirements set out in IFRS 16, and that the selection and implementation of software are among the biggest concerns.

Checklist to see whether you could use solutions from House of Control

House of Control is expanding rapidly on the basis of its solutions for contract management, financial leasing and IFRS 16. So how do they find the right customers for the right product?

These departments should talk to each other about financial leasing

Do you have more than 50 employees in Denmark, Sweden or Norway? If so, there is a good chance that your leasing contracts should be dealt with as investments in the accounts. This means that all departments that enter into such contracts should have a chat with the finance department.

How to implement Complete Control as successfully as possible

The Customer Success team at House of Control has helped hundreds of private and public companies to establish a full overview of their contracts and obligations. Here are their tips for how customers can succeed even better in the start-up phase.