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The overview you need to cut costs quickly

The coronavirus has created significant uncertainty concerning both the income and the outlooks for many businesses. For any CFO, cost containment is the best self defense. Here’s how to quickly get a complete overview when you need it the most.

The little-known positive news for the environment

The 2020s will be critical for the world’s future, and many people will pay close attention to how businesses use raw materials and energy. Fortunately, there are already many positive signs on the horizon.

Should you buy or lease your equipment? That’s something you need to consider!

What is the actual cost of ownership if you choose to lease instead of buy? The best option will depend on the company asking the question. You should consider the following before making your decision.

Budgeting for those who value their spare time

Is your budget for 2020 not quite there yet, despite the new year having already started? Don’t despair! Here are a few tips on how to finalise a good budget in no time.

Why Signicat + Complete Control = Even Better

The ability to sign contracts and other documents digitally in Complete Control increases the effectiveness and utility of this already powerful tool. That was why it was important for us to choose a partner that was absolutely top-drawer. We chose Signicat.

5 tips for compliance with IFRS 16

The British arm of the global auditing network KPMG has shared five tips for ensuring compliance with IFRS 16’s requirements for the recognition of leases in the balance sheet.

Nasdaq Stock Market: The benefits of ESG reporting

Corporate social responsibility reporting is more than a passing fad. It is well documented that ESG reporting can provide tangible benefits to the bottom line. In its guide to listed companies, the Nasdaq Stock Market – on which many high-tech companies are listed – highlights five benefits.

The four steps your company must take when implementing IFRS 16

In a new guide, international auditing firm Grant Thornton shares what they have learned from implementing IFRS 16 at their clients.

We are launching an ESG solution: Simple and accurate measurement of your climate footprint

At House of Control, we believe that companies that take climate change and social responsibility seriously should take decisions based on hard facts. Feelings and assumptions are “out” when people choose what do buy and where to work, while tangible and precise figures are “in”.

Finally: Signing contracts – and everything else that needs confirmation – digitally

More securely, simply and quickly: House of Control now supports the digital signature of contracts and other documents, in collaboration with Signicat, Europe’s leading provider of verified digital identity solutions.