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IFRS 16 - Extensive implementation: No time to lose

With IFRS 16, the CFO must have full control over all of the company’s lease agreements. The time is about to run out for companies that are not in progress with the preparations for IFRS 16 – the new accounting standard for lease agreements. In most cases, the implementation creates significant business-related, practical and theoretical challenges for the CFO and their colleagues.

“There are a lot of ‘IFRS smiles’ out there,” says HoC’s IFRS Officer

In accounting departments throughout the Nordic region, the mood is positive when they see how using good tools makes working with IFRS 16 accurate, quick and easy. Our colleague Kathrine Resch-Knudsen has visited many of them, and can testify to rapidly falling stress levels.

How Elkjøp manages 400 leases

Elkjøp Nordic leases premises for 400 stores throughout the Nordic region, at a cost of NOK 1 billion per year. This is how the group behind Elgiganten and Elkjøp manages its leases.

Eight key IFRS 16 questions you need to answer

Have you resolved the theoretical, practical and commercial challenges involved in IFRS 16, the new accounting standard for leases? The standard enters into force on 1 January 2019, and you cannot postpone your obligations to comply with the regulations.

House of Control: Solid growth that benefits our customers

House of Control is experiencing excellent growth in the first part of 2018. That is good news for our customers: now, House of Control is investing even more in innovation, quality and good user experiences.

How to generate revenues for your business with the stroke of a pen and easy follow-up

A contract for annual deliveries that you entered into in 2010 is worth almost 20 per cent less in 2018 if it has not been adjusted to reflect inflation. What does this mean for your bottom line?

IFRS 16: Do you have the answers to these questions?

Does your company have systems and processes in place to meet the new requirements?

8 good reasons why Complete Control is best in the cloud

Cloud-based control is best for: security, implementation, development, updates, stability ... There are many good reasons why we have moved Complete Control to the cloud.

How to make it without the irreplaceables

Simple and efficient, based on confidence in competent, independent and responsible staff. That, in a nutshell, is how things work in the Nordic region. There is a flip-side to the coin, however: a high degree of dependency on the individual. But this is a situation you can deal with – using a Nordic solution.

A guide to the first 100 days as CFO

As a key individual within the company, you must make sure to lay a solid foundation for yourself and your role as CFO from the start. We have studied best practice and prepared a “to do” list for the first 100 days.

Reference, the Norwegian Competition Authority

How a public agency streamlines contract management