Secure key

SecureKey – encrypted memory sticks – are great news for staff who use memory sticks for storing sensitive information.

Many companies have guidelines that prohibit the use of memory sticks, but they are still widely used. Instead of turning a blind eye to this practice, the smart option is to have a secure system in place.

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Unique serial number for identification
Password-protected encryption reduces the risk of damage if the memory stick ends up in the wrong hands. And if it is found by an honest person, you will get it back, because it has a unique serial number and contact information for House of Control. Lots of business secrets can fit onto a small memory stick. And it is often the physical size of the stick that tends to cause problems: they are easy to lose. If you have mislaid a memory stick, you have no idea who might find it.

Simple and safe to use
SecureKey comes with an 8 GB storage capacity, and it has password-protected encryption. An important element of the practical design is the fact that it is in the form of a keyring. If your memory stick is on your keyring, you are much less likely to lose it.


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SecureKey 8GB

These now cost only NOK 490 per memory stick