Business Intelligence

Business Analyze is a powerful, yet easy to use business intelligence solution that makes data easy to understand and act on.

Does this sound familiar?

Important company data is spread across different systems, databases or spreadsheets

Your business has growing amounts of valuable data stored in databases but it is often difficult to access. It can take hours or even days to extract, analyze and prepare reports.  By the time it is ready to use, it's out of date. Key stakeholders are forced to wait or risk making decisions based on guesswork instead of facts.

Visibility is poor: It's difficult to predict sales and forecasts with accuracy

When leaders have cloudy visibility into sales processes, forecasts, customer requests, operations or finances, it's difficult to plan and work proactively. Where should you focus your efforts? How can you best guide your team? A high degree of uncertainty, increases risk and reduces the chance of success.

You want to keep everyone focused and motivated

When there is a lot happening across different parts of the organisation, it is difficult to keep track of all the bits and pieces. One department might paint one picture of what's happening, while another paints a different picture. You need clear, objective facts about business performance to manage processes and make decisions. 

Get the BENEFITS of Business IntelliGence

House of Control is proud to be able to offer Business Analyze, a complete, all-in-one Business Intelligence solution.

Business Analyze enables you to gather, analyze and report on data with ease. From role-based dashboards, everyone in the organisation can explore data and review reports as needed.

With business intelligence you can:

    • Get a 360-degree view of customers – easily analyze CRM, ERP and other data in one place without spreadsheet-frustration

    • Track KPIs (key performance indicators)   - get up-to-the hour insights about activities, projects, cashflow, and operations from interactive dashboards

    • Gain deep insight into sales and improve forecasting – provides leadership teams with detailed views of lead to cash processes

    • Analyze data with ease sort, filter, segment, and pivot data to quickly find answers to important questions

    • Drive sales performance and organize contests –set goals, run friendly competitions and automatically share progress updates on Business Analyze scoreboards

    • Automate reporting - save time and automate weekly, monthly or quarterly reports 



Business Analyze is designed for organisations of all sizes and industries. This modern cloud business intelligence software pulls data from your CRM, ERP or other company databases, and presents key figures and reports on interactive dashboards.  Executive teams, managers, key decision-makers and analysts like how easy it use to use Business Analyze.

Key features

  • Monitor KPIs and metrics for sales, finance, service and more
  • Track key processes, activities and trends
  • Compare, sort and filter data in a few seconds
  • Automatically generate daily, weekly, monthly reports
  • Easily share visual reports
  • Build custom dashboards
  • Easy to implement
  • Connects with wide range of ERP systems, Excel, and in-house databases
  • Data experts to support you at every stage
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Do you Use superoffice CRM?

Reporting and analytics is one of the most important functions of a CRM system but sometimes a CRM system alone does not provide the right view of data.

Data may be spread across several databases or on the wrong level of detail. Your current dashboards may have limited customisation options.

Business Analyze solves complex requirements and provides advanced reporting functions. This enables the entire organisation and key external stakeholders to securely access SuperOffice data in a rich, visual format.



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