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News, 14 September: House of Control acquires Swedish digital signature and contract workflow company

What we do at house of Control

We develop digital tools that the CFO can easily apply to improve the performance of the finance department and – ultimately – the whole company. One way to define our collection of software is to call it a CFO Suite, designed to professionalize financial and operational management.

Our solutions formulate a digital ecosystem for the CFO. These solutions enhance the function of the ERP system without the need to change it. The CFO toolkit contributes to at least four important tasks: Cut costs, save time, reduce risk, and improve compliance – all key ingredients of a better-working finance department.

What all tools have in common is that they are easy to implement and use. A higher degree of control is just a few clicks away, and ROI is fast and obvious. No big projects needed, no new courses required, no extra burden for IT, and it works without change management. 

After all, we are The CFO's Best Friend!

Contract Management
IFRS Compliance
Digital Signature
Procurement - Web shop
Supplier and Customer Communication
Budgeting and Forecasting

Complete Control - a snapshot

Complete Control is a Software as a Service for managing contracts and assets. It helps the CFO cut costs, save time on accounting and budgeting, and reduce dependency on key personnel. In this 90 second video you can get a taste of what this tool can do for you.

  • A central electronic archive for all contracts – along with automatic notifications before important due dates – reduces the risks relating to dependence on key personnel. The system also provides a better overview of the supplier portfolio, and this enables us to optimize the number of suppliers and the terms and conditions of contracts.
    Norwegian Bank
  • We have countless service contracts concerning our office premises – for instance security services, internet, electricity and coffee machines. In just a few clicks, I get the full overview. It is a joy for me as a CFO to be able to manage the contracts in Complete Control instead of having to look them up via the ERP system.
    Norwegian media company
  • Now, we are proactively managing vendor contracts – re-evaluating or renegotiating them before they expire. We saved money immediately because we could cancel unnecessary service agreements. With Complete Control, making estimates for next year’s budget is both fast, precise and easy.
    Nordic Wholesaler
  • Having 400 rental agreements and an annual rent bill of NOK 1 billion constitutes a considerable business risk. It’s very important that the leases we want to retain are renewed and/or renegotiated. With so many leases, this work must be automated, otherwise we could easily run into trouble that would cost us millions.
    Nordic electronics retailer

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