On-demand Webinar: IFRS 16 in PRACTICE

The accounting rules place great demands on how leases are treated. The choice of interest rate, depreciation, currency issues, note requirements, options, and contract changes are all important considerations. There are many elements that must be in place and up to date. The more contracts you have, the less appropriate it is to use spreadsheets for all the contracts.

How can this be handled more easily, faster and correctly?

Together with the largest auditing companies and exchange listed companies, House of Control has developed a unique solution. In the Nordic region alone, several hundred companies have adopted Europe's leading solution for IFRS 16.

In this webinar, you will get a quick insight into how the solution works.. You will see how you can register contracts, make calculations, generate reports - and more. The webinar lasts approx. 25 minutes. You also get an insight into the benefits of having all the contracts gathered in one place, for excellent contract life cycle management.

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