Finally: Signing contracts – and everything else that needs confirmation – digitally

by House of Control | Sep 14, 2020 10:38:14 PM

More securely, simply and quickly: House of Control now supports the digital signature of contracts and other documents, in collaboration with Signicat, Europe’s leading provider of verified digital identity solutions.

Consider the offer you are planning to send to your customer. What if you clicked on the document in the database and simply ask for your customer’s signature? Imagine if your customer received an email, clicked on a link and signed using the same method as for online banking. Once the document is signed, this is immediately confirmed in the now locked document in your database.

This is one reason why we say signing digitally is more secure, simpler and quicker than more traditional ways of signing contracts.

Signing digitally simplifies the confirmation of any document
Our next question is: Why limit yourself to contracts with customers? What about employment contracts, nondisclosure agreements or the minutes of board meetings? Wouldn’t it be good if employees could confirm their receipt of a mobile phone, PC or other equipment by means of a digital signature? Or how about digitally signing an agreement with a supplier? And all of this based on documents stored in a central archive, allowing you to keep track of who has signed what.

Public and private sector undertakings ask their users, employees and partners to sign a host of different confirmations. Although these vary from organisation to organisation, their issue, follow-up, actual completion, document flow and archiving is labour intensive.

How are the contracts you have with employees, customers and suppliers signed? Do you send PDFs as e-mail attachments, which must be printed out, signed, scanned and returned?

We all know the potential weaknesses in such processes. Printing out documents is inconvenient, and there are companies that don’t even have a printer in their offices. And once you have printed out and signed the agreement, it can be difficult to scan it and attach it to an e-mail as a new PDF.

Digital signing + Complete Control = Radical improvement
We are changing all that. House of Control is now launching a radically improved solution for signing documents based on PAdES technology, which also meets the EU’s eIDAS requirements.

The solution utilises the leading methods that the financial sector and public authorities already use to identify customers and residents in each individual country. The person who is about to sign chooses whether they want to use a PC, tablet or smartphone, and when it is done, there is no longer any doubt about who has signed an agreement.

The combination with Complete Control is powerful, to put it mildly. The documents to be signed are stored in the Complete Control cloud. With a single keystroke, you can ask for the signature of the individual(s) who you want to confirm something. This means that you are notified both when someone has signed and when a signature is missing. And you have full control of the documents.

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