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Great expertise and great software help clients comply with IFRS 16

The auditing and consulting company RSM helps its private and public clients comply with IFRS 16. House of Control talks to Danielle Stewart OBE, Head of Financial Reporting at RSM UK, about how the right software can make this onerous task much easier.

IFRS 16 Compliance: Lease Accounting Software vs. Excel

What are the real problems of using spreadsheets for doing IFRS 16 reporting? In a recent webinar,...

10 reasons why lease accounting software can coexist with ERP systems

There are at least 10 good reasons why IFRS 16 management is better solved with a specialized lease...

5 Most Common Problems With IFRS 16 When Handled in Excel

Do you have more than 15 leases? Most CFOs then experience these five problems when dealing with...

IFRS 16 - from compliance burden to sound contract management

Is IFRS 16 all about stressful requirements for processing leasing agreements? No, says PwC. The...