Security Labels

Safeguard PCs and other equipment with our labels. It makes your things less attractive to steal - and easier for people to help you get it back when things get lost

Reduce problems with lost or stolen equipment

A lost computer can cause a business disaster. The insurance may cover the hardware, but lost work and data cannot be replaced. And, your sensitive data in the hands of the wrong people is probably even worse.

Security labels on PCs and other equipment sharply reduces the resale value, so the equipment becomes less interesting for thieves.

Just as importantly, the security labels make it easier to retrieve lost equipment. And, we take care of the process for you. The security labels connects the equipment to House of Control, and we make sure you get it back safely. Our security center is always staffed – and immediately contacts the owner.

Think about it: The police and lost property offices have enormous numbers of lost PCs that will never be united with its owners – because there are no “messages” telling you or the police what to do.

Security Labels were our very first products – when House of Control was established in 2006. The Security Labels are still important to us, because they prevent and solve so many problems for our customers. 

We also sell ID Labels to put on your employees' mobile phones. 

Order your labels today by filling out the underneath form, and we will send the labels to you as soon as we can. 

Prices and conditions:

Security Labels EUR 2.50 per piece. Minimum order 100 pcs.

ID Labels EUR 1.20 per piece. Minimum order 500 pcs.

Security Labels explained

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