How a public agency streamlines contract management

by | Sep 14, 2020 10:32:44 PM

Thanks to Complete Control, the Norwegian Competition Authority has abandoned its manual, time-consuming processes for following up on contracts. Automatic notifications translate into improved routines for public procurements and employees draw greater benefit from the contracts that have been concluded.

“To promote competition that benefits consumers and the business community.” This is the societal assignment of the Norwegian Competition Authority, which is domiciled in Bergen, Norway. The vision is nothing less than “Properly functioning markets”.

In the same way as every other company – public or private – the Norwegian Competition Authority is dependent on a variety of deliveries from external operators in order to be able to perform its societal assignment and work in accordance with its vision. This can involve everything from rent to computer equipment, from broadband to travel agencies – and more besides.

Alf Jarle Albertsen, Controller, has ultimate responsibility for public procurements at the authority. It is his job to follow up on procurements during the contractual period. Are the staff aware of the agreement? Should it be renewed when the current period expires? Should the contract be put out to tender again?

“The Norwegian Competition Authority has all its contracts stored in a case and archiving system, as we are obliged to do. However, this system does not have efficient features for following up on the contracts; either as regards time used or with regard to linking the contracts to people,” he says.

He has previously used solutions of his own devising to deal with these challenges – primarily a variety of tables created in Excel. “It’s true that the overview was there, but in practice it was really complicated to follow up and notify both the parties who had entered into the agreements and the parties using them.”

Alf Jarle explains that Complete Control aligns neatly with the case and archiving system:

“The contracts are still stored in one place, but Complete Control provides us with direct links to each and every contract in the case and archiving system. Furthermore, we receive notification in good time before a contract expires, and then we ourselves can determine the reminder flow and decide who is to check over the contracts.

“Complete Control also helps ensure that our staff actually know about the contracts, because all staff have read access. This has a positive effect on each individual employee: knowing which contracts they can use allows them to draw greater benefit from external deliveries,” he adds.

“How would you describe the phase from when you signed the contract with House of Control until you were actually working with the solution?”

“Starting to work with the solution was a positive and professional experience. The project staff from House of Control made it simple for me to upload existing contracts from our system. At the same time, they kept close tabs on me, so I quickly realised the value this brings to my role – and to supervision in general,” concludes Alf Jarle Albertsen.

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