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Digital signature

Digital signing of all documents - secure, simple and efficient

Our digital signature solution, integrated with our contract management platform, streamlines the signing process for all types of agreements and documents, from monthly customer contracts to annual reports and board minutes.


How do you handle agreements and signatures today?

In recent years, the rate of digitization has increased rapidly in both the public and private sectors. Today, both customers and employees expect digital and flexible processes in the handling of documents and agreements. Most people no longer have time to wait days or weeks to get a signature. It should be fast, seamless and safe.

How are agreements and documents signed in your business? In many organisations, the process may first involve several different internal signatures and approvals, before having to scan or send documents via physical post or email to the next person. Here there are great opportunities to create a more seamless and digital process to avoid bottlenecks - or that the agreement simply gets stuck along the way. Avoiding unnecessary stops in the contract process can contribute to increased income as well as significantly less stress and frustration internally.

The business value of digitizing agreements and signatures may vary for different organisations, but common to all are the time savings, as well as the traceability and control over the agreement process.


Why digital signing is faster, safer, and more reliable

The trend is clear; signing deals with one click attracts both large and small businesses. Large volumes are no longer required for electronic agreements and signatures to be an attractive solution. This type of service can make life easier for all types of businesses and organizations. Here are three concrete advantages of digital contract management:

  • Control: You collect everything in one place so that nothing risks ending up between the chairs. You manage all your agreements in the same portal and have access to them when and where you need it.
  • Safe and secure: 100% legally binding agreement and higher security where identification takes place with leading European ID solutions.
  • Traceability: Ability to track all agreements, from customer opening and all the way to signing.

Use a digital signature for all types of agreements and documents

The need for digital signing is found in all kinds of businesses and it can be advantageously used for many different types of agreements and documents. Customer agreements must be signed every month, for example board minutes, annual reports or meeting minutes must be signed every year. In short, all documents that need a signature can be digitally signed.

Here are a few more examples:

  • Purchase agreement
  • Supplier agreement
  • Lease
  • Loan application
  • Rent
  • Employment agreement
  • Confirmations of various kinds

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