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Our solutions are being used by thousands of users every single day. Here are a few of the stories we can share with you. We hope you will get inspired.  

Istad 1


The electric power company Istad AS is a strategically important business in the Molde region in northwestern Norway. They provide power production, power trading, grid operations and fiber to residents of four municipalities. Sound contract management is simply part of their purpose.


“The time we save on IFRS 16 compliance every month and quarter contribute to improved performance and higher quality work in our finance team.”

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“Spending time mapping all our agreements should neither be manual detective work nor time-consuming routine work. With Complete Control this is automated.”

Ahola Transport

“I now spend my time dealing with things instead of looking for things,” says CFO Niklas Kankkonen in one of the largest Nordic transportation companies. 

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Ahola trucks on bridge

King Oscar

Why King Oscar stopped storing contracts locally and implemented Complete Control for centralized contract management.

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Using a specialized software for IFRS 16, global furniture manufacturer Flokk has streamlined reporting and substantially improved control of leases.

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Flokk Furniture Group
Link Mobility

LINK Mobility

Acquisitions, stock exchange listing, stricter reporting requirements, a growing number of leasing contracts. These are some of the reasons why LINK Mobility chose to invest in a lease accounting software to handle IFRS 16 reporting.

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Moestue Group

When you are among Europe's leading importers of wine, beer and spirits, you have countless active agreements with producers and customers. See how Moestue Group AS gained full control of agreements throughout the Group's companies.

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Akerblå is a quickly growing company with 22 offices along the Norwegian coast. This is how they centralized and simplified the management of company agreements and contracts, and gained overview of obligations.

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How one of Norway's largest retailers handles 350 IFRS 16 contracts: “Now have a solution that is easy to use, which removes dependency on key personnel and increases continuity, and which saves us several days of work every year.”

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Europris store

Umeå Municipality (Sweden)

“As public authorities increase their work on strategic contract management, higher demands are placed on follow-up and control. With the help of House of Control's software Complete Control, we get a good tool and a better overview of our agreements. Umeå municipality can thus improve the planning, follow-up and control of these, which in the long run results in better business and lower costs. ”

- Urban Helmersson, Procurement Manager

Elkjøp Nordic

Nordic Franchise Director Eirik Jarl Nilssen explains that he would not have been able to manage the complexity, risk and responsibility for all the franchise contracts without a solution such as Complete Control.

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07 Media

“My predecessor implemented Complete Control. The fact that I’ve never had to contact Support and right from the start have managed just fine on my own says it all really. If I had to sum up what the tool gives us, I’d say an overview, simplification, control and efficiency,” explains CFO Inge Leirvik. The tool in question? Complete Control.

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07 Media

The Norwegian Competition Authority

The Norwegian Competition Authority has abandoned its manual, time-consuming processes for following up on contracts. Automatic notifications translate into improved routines for public procurements and employees draw greater benefit from the contracts that have been concluded.

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Brandsdal Group, the fashion and cosmetics giant, is “hyperallergic” to contracts with automatic renewal. Complete Control now provides full assurance that no contracts are inadvertently extended – in an organisation that employs 200 people and generates an annual turnover of NOK 800 million.

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