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Complete Control

Take full control over your agreements, assets, and financial obligations.

Complete Control is a powerful platform for contract management and intelligent agreement management. It is designed to streamline the storage and management of your agreements, assets and liabilities.

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Control costs, risk, time and unnecessary stress

It's often challenging to maintain control of buyer and supplier contracts. Most organizations have far more contracts than they realize - hidden in inboxes and local file folders.

Documentation goes missing, contracts are unintentionally renewed, and finance teams lack information they need for effective forecasting and cost control. 

Don't let manual routines put your business at risk. Modernize contract management with Complete Control, save time, and gain control of assets, costs and liabilities.

Search and Categories

One place for all your contracts

Avoid risk and gather all your contracts in one place. Complete Control provides a central register that keeps your contract documentation and contract values organized.

  • Easy upload - add contracts and maintain full overview of portfolio
  • Accurate contract history - be certain of original copy and track revisions
  • Advanced search - save time and make it easy to find contract details
  • Avoid duplicates - avoid overlapping contracts and extra costs
Contracts and Graphs

Operational efficiency and streamlined workflows

In today's dynamic business world, efficient contract management is crucial.

Our platform streamlines these processes, cutting administrative costs and freeing time for strategic growth. With a user-friendly interface, digital signing, quick contract uploads, and cost monitoring are simplified, ensuring seamless operations without financial hitches.

Designed with role-based access, our solution caters to every user's needs, from CFOs to managers across various units, enhancing control and productivity.

By leveraging our innovative platform, your organization leads in contract management, significantly benefiting your bottom line.

Deadline and Notifications

Never miss an other costly deadline

Complete Control transforms contract management by alerting you to upcoming renewals or terminations, allowing you to renegotiate, avoid unnecessary costs, and make strategic decisions.

The platform simplifies tracking all contractual commitments, offering businesses and individuals a way to enhance contract efficiency, reduce manual efforts, and achieve cost savings.

With Complete Control, never miss a critical deadline again and enjoy streamlined operations with added peace of mind.

Reports and Search

Clear visibility of finances

A clear view of contract costs and obligations isn't 'nice to have' - it's 'must have'. Yet getting overview of expenses, receivables and obligations in the correct period can be tricky.  

Complete Control solves these problems with

  • detailed reports on actual and booked values
  • payment schedules and cashflow
  • accurate figures for financial planning
  • easy export to Excel

Gain control over all your agreements with our solution

Struggling to manage buyer and supplier contracts? Our solution brings hidden agreements out of inboxes and folders, streamlining your contract management.

  • Employment agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Consulting agreements

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