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About House of Control

House of Control Group develops SaaS solutions for contract management and IFRS 16 compliance.



The House of Control Manifesto

In a world of constant change, we understand the power of having control over your business. We don't just offer solutions, we create partnerships for success.

We offer total oversight and dedicated support, so you can decide where to take your business next.

With our help, you can make informed decisions and turn inefficiencies into cost savings. So you can focus on what moves the needle.

We are energetic, hardworking and fueled by passion. Combine this with the commitment to our amazing customers - and you get-best in-class solutions.

We have our sights set on a bright future and our eyes open for exciting opportunities. For us, it's not just about the technology alone. It's about the people and businesses we empower.

We give you control of your business in an ever changing business landscape, so your path towards success is clearly mapped out.

The mission

We empower businesses with Contract Management and Compliance solutions tailored to their evolving needs.

The vision

Evolving the future of contract management 
through technology.

Why our Nordic roots matter

Part of the
Visma family

Today, House of Control Group has 1600+ customers, with thousands of users worldwide.

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Our values

At House of Control, we believe in the power of the Yes-team and positivity, continuous growth, the power of action, and confidence. These values form the backbone of our unique corporate culture.


We are the "Yes-Team". We approach every interaction with openness and a willingness to help—whether it's with customers, colleagues, or partners. Everyone has a voice here, and we encourage everyone to use it to strengthen us as a team and as an organization.



Growth is more than a goal; it's a lifestyle. Our culture is fueled by unwavering confidence and passion for what we do. It's not just about the success of the company; it’s also about personal and professional development for each of us.


Power of Action

We understand that growth requires action. That's why we're not afraid to take the initiative. With the "Power of Action" as our mantra, we test new ideas, adjust our course, and continually learn, always aiming to maximize value for our customers.



None of the above would be possible without confidence. We take our responsibilities seriously, whether it's in the realms of safety, sustainability, or diversity. We create an atmosphere where every individual employee can feel confident enough to be who they are and to speak their minds.


Why our Nordic
roots matter

We believe that our home markets in Norway, Sweden and Denmark are ideal laboratories for Complete Control.

To begin with, the Nordic countries have several characteristics that set them apart from many other parts of the world. Among these, the region has some of the world’s highest cost of employment along with a unique degree economic equality. This makes efficiency and effectiveness paramount: Keep the use of man hours at a minimum and trust highly educated people to do the work right.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The culture at House of Control is unique. We are free to speak our minds, we can make decisions quickly, we work harder than most, and - not least - we laugh a lot and have a good time together.

We wish everyone had the same opportunities as us. Unfortunately, this is not the case, not everyone has good enough conditions, and we can not solve all the world's problems. That is why, for example, we support the Norwegian TV campaign, and we stand wholeheartedly behind the campaign's work every year.

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