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IFRS 16 Software

Make IFRS 16 compliance easy and efficient - and improve your complete contract management process.

Streamline IFRS 16 compliance with our top-rated solution, enhancing your entire contract management process effortlessly. Our software is designed to accurately address complex lease accounting challenges, saving you time and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

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Collect and centralize lease agreement data

Avoid searching through long and elaborate contracts, and gather lease contracts and data in one place.  With contract data organized in a secure cloud environment, the information you need is always on hand:

  • well-organized data for easy retrieval
  • secure and structured database
  • access-controlled user rights
  • facilitates collaboration with contract managers & auditors

Eliminate time-consuming and complex spreadsheets

Activate our IFRS 16 software to simplify how you account for leases and generate accurate figures.

  • enjoy automatically generated figures
  • apply correct adjustments and treatments
  • automatically adjust figures for price index changes (CPI)
  • account for extension options and modifications

Simplify IFRS 16 reporting

Our one-of-a-kind IFRS 16 software assists companies in complying with IFRS 16 requirements and automatically generates a wide range of reports and makes figures ready for export or audit.

Simply choose which periods to include, which subsidiary and whether you want to make monthly, quarterly or yearly estimates. If that isn't enough, you can build custom reports to suit your need.

Gain control over all your lease agreements with our IFRS 16 software

Struggling to manage your lease agreements under IFRS 16? Our solution brings hidden leases out of inboxes and folders, streamlining your lease management and ensuring compliance with IFRS 16.

  • Real estate leases
  • Equipment leases
  • Vehicle leases
  • Office space leases
  • IT equipment leases
  • Machinery leases

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