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Lasse Sten

Chief Executive Officer

Carl Fabian Flaaten

Chief Financial Officer

Rune Strandli

Chief Technology Officer

Anne Perly Eriksen

VP Customer Success

Christoffer Bergstrøm

VP Sales

Sara Ringås

VP Human Resources


How to get in touch


General inquiries: Phone +47 815 66 355 E-mail

Visiting address: O.H. Bangs vei 70, 1363 Høvik, Norway

General Support: Phone +47 815 66 355 E-mail

Effectplan Support:

Media Einar Ravndal, Phone +47 477 05 867, E-mail

Sweden Phone +46 (0)81 210 70 70 E-mail

Denmark Phone +45 31 19 50 34 E-mail

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Mergers & Acquisitions Christian Walther, Phone +47 474 68 961, E-mail 

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