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General inquiries Phone +47 815 66 355 E-mail

Visiting address O.H. Bangs vei 70, 1363 Høvik, Norway

Support Phone +47 815 66 355 E-mail

Media Einar Ravndal, Phone +47 477 05 867, E-mail

Sweden Phone +46 (0)81 210 70 70 E-mail

Denmark Phone +45 31 19 50 34 E-mail


Lasse Sten-181x181

Lasse Sten

Chief Executive Officer

Carl Fabian Flaaten-181x182

Carl Fabian Flaaten

Chief Financial Officer

Rune Strandli-181x181

Rune Strandli

Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy Freeman

Jeremy Freeman

Customer Success Director

Petter Wolden-181x181

Petter Wolden

Head of Lead Generation

Christoffer Bergstrøm-181x182

Christoffer Bergstrøm

Sales Director Norway

Magnus Jansson-1

Magnus Jansson

Sales Director Sweden

Lars Hoffmann-1

Lars Hoffmann

Sales Director Denmark

We're Always Looking for Talent

Are you a hunter salesperson or a meeting booker way ahead of your peers? We are always looking for the right talent - especially in new markets like Finland, Germany and the UK

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