The companies in the House of Control Group develop and sell software, which is primarily used in customers’ finance departments. The operation entails both in absolute and relative terms a limited impact on the climate and the environment. The impact on social conditions is similarly limited, including insignificant use of subcontractors in countries with defined challenges in this area.

Despite limited environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges related to operations, the House of Control Group is committed to sustainable and otherwise responsible operations. Among other things, these commitments have been operationalized by choosing to work on projects related to three of the UN’s goals for sustainability.

The company has established a project group that works systematically to collect data and prepare new internal routines to meet the green shift and broader social, economic, and cultural components of sustainability House of Control’s goal is to deliver sustainable software products across departments and companies by 2024. Our goal is to go from being a company with linear operations, to becoming a company with a circular economic model.

5 measures

So far, we have defined five specific measures:

  1. Reduce travel. Our sales people and our customer success managers have previously made many physical visits to our customers. We now have new policies in place to limit travel to a minimum.
  2. Climate quotas. To compensate for the travel business, we have bought climate quotas. The project we support is a photovoltaic plant in India that produces electric power for 450 thousand people and provides work for 10 people.
  3. Sustainable canteen. In connection with the work of being certified as an Eco-Lighthouse (see below), we have worked with various measures for sustainability in the operation of our canteen at the head office in Høvik.
  4. Recycling of IT equipment. All employees of House of Control are equipped with a PC and mobile phone, and our offices use equipment for video conferencing. From 2022, we will start work to improve recycling when the equipment reaches the end of its life.
  5. Equal opportunities. We will place great emphasis on recruitment, career development and remuneration regardless of gender or other personal characteristics that are irrelevant to the ability to do a good job.

Concrete steps - Eco-Lighthouse

In 2021, the company implemented the work of getting the head office at Høvik certified to the Norwegian standard Miljøfyrtårn (Eco-Lighthouse. org), which sets requirements for the working environment, waste management, energy use, purchasing and transport.

The work with the Eco-Lighthouse certification has so far been linked to improving internal routines for electricity consumption, renewable energy, water consumption and our employees’ working conditions. Experience from the head office will later be used for other offices and business units in the House of Control.

In 2021, the House of Control Group prepared a policy with defined requirements for our suppliers. This policy contains various requirements that our suppliers must document. The requirements are based on the content of the UN’s goals for sustainability.

Relevant documents (inkl. Åpenhetsloven)

Several of the below documents are in Norwegian. 

Gender Equality Statement 2021

Likestillingsredegjørelse 2021 

Antikorrupsjonspolicy 2022

Menneskerettighetserklæring 2022

Miljørapport 2022

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