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Webinar recap: ManpowerGroup's contract management success journey

ManpowerGroup in Norway and Sweden is a giant. This means that professional contract management can yield strategic gains. The journey towards that is a story in itself. We invited the director of the bid team to a webinar to provide us with the roadmap.

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Recruitment and staffing giant ManpowerGroup, with a turnover exceeding 8 billion Norwegian kroner across Norway and Sweden, faced the challenge of managing over 900 agreements. To gain insight into their transformative journey, we hosted a webinar featuring Åse Marie Haugstulen, Director Bid Team overseeing this monumental task.

Complex landscape of agreements

ManpowerGroup's vast and diverse business operations necessitated a sophisticated approach to contract management. The company's proximity to customers, extensive geographical presence, and specialized subsidiaries (brands) added layers of complexity to their agreements.

Challenges and solutions

Åse outlined the challenges ManpowerGroup faced, including disparate contract management practices across brands and lacking systems to support ongoing client contracts. The procurement department relied on Excel sheets and SharePoint, contributing to suboptimal processes. The lack of coordination between brands and geographical regions further intensified the complexity.

Initiating change

To address these challenges, ManpowerGroup formed a dedicated project team, meticulously mapped out processes, and sought a comprehensive contract management system. The chosen software needed to support sales, delivery, and procurement processes across brands and national borders, align with global IT and legal governance, and anticipate future requirements.

Implementation and results

ManpowerGroup selected House of Control as the supplier, and the implementation began. Currently, Åse and her team, comprising around ten individuals, have achieved significant results with Complete Control software. All brands in Norway and Sweden now use the system, providing employees with access governed by user roles. The system's notifications ensure account managers stay informed about contract deadlines, price adjustments, and termination dates.

Proactive contract management

Complete Control has empowered ManpowerGroup to be proactive in managing customer agreements, adjusting prices, and leveraging their size for better purchasing terms during procurement. The platform has streamlined processes, making contract management an integral part of procurement and sales planning.

Success criteria

Åse emphasized key success criteria, including defining tool needs, clearly outlining the scope, appointing a dedicated project manager, establishing a detailed timeline, holding regular project team meetings, maintaining thorough documentation, and investing in kickoff sessions.

ManpowerGroup's success story demonstrates how strategic contract management can transform a giant's operations, fostering efficiency, proactive decision-making, and improved collaboration across diverse business units.

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