Why investors applaud when the CFO uses Complete Control

by House of Control | Sep 14, 2020 10:35:56 PM

Order, overview and rock-solid control of costs and future liabilities. This is hard currency for companies looking to build investor confidence. Most often, it is the CFO who takes the lead when a company is trying to convince investors that the business would make an attractive acquisition. CFOs throughout the Nordic region are turning to a Norwegian-developed tool to help them make their case.


“Usually, the CFO is the decision-maker when companies decide to start using Complete Control,” says CEO Lasse Sten of House of Control. He is the founder and co-owner of a company that has seen astronomical growth by helping private and public companies gain control over contracts and liabilities.

“Over the past year, we have heard that more and more that CFOs want to use Complete Control to help them with their preparations to make the company attractive to new investors. Sometimes the CEO is responsible for initiating the process to implement the tool. Other times, board members or existing owners may ask the company to look into using Complete Control,” says Sten.

Complete Control is a cloud-based system that puts you in control of your contracts, liabilities and assets. House of Control has been developing the system for more than ten years based on customer feedback.

What is it about Complete Control that investors seem to like so much?

“So far, we have recorded at least seven reasons why investors want companies to use our solutions.”

According to Sten, the reasons are as follows:

1. Quicker and more accurate due diligence
A company’s future liabilities and contractual revenues are key considerations for potential investors. With Complete Control, you can pull up these numbers within minutes – and CFOs know they can rely on the numbers.

2. Reflects excellent cost control
Complete Control users experience fast ROI because they avoid duplicate deliveries and contracts. In addition, the issue of automatic renewals quickly becomes a thing of the past. Both of these factors communicate to investors that your company has solid cost control.

3. A company that thoroughly understands the value of outsourcing and the importance of focusing on core business activities
The strong growth in the B2B market is a function of the companies understanding the importance of having a strong focus on their core business areas. When a company doesn’t have the internal resources to be best-in-class, they outsource the activity to suppliers who can offer the right expertise, capacity and service. With Complete Control, companies have total control over all deliverables.

4. Simplified budgeting process
When a company’s future liabilities are only a few keystrokes away, it makes the budgeting process shorter while also increasing the precision of estimates. This allows finance departments to work more efficiently, freeing up time for the CFO to focus on more strategic work.

5. Less dependence on individual employees
An investor looks for value creation that is independent of key individuals – including on the cost side. When all contracts and liabilities are registered with expiry notifications, relevant amounts and contact people, companies experience cost control that is not only extremely robust but also no longer dependent on the presence of certain individuals.

6. Easy to add modules for finance leases and IFRS 16
House of Control has developed two modules for companies that need to recognise leasing and rental agreements on the balance sheet. These modules automatically perform the calculations for the CFO, while also keeping track of contracts in the same way as Complete Control.

7. Digital signature of important documents
Digital signature is a feature that has recently been added to Complete Control in collaboration with Signicat. This new addition to the system has expanded the tool’s area of application to include dispatches, document-signing and archiving the minutes of board meetings.

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