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Learn how Elkjøp Nordic manages franchise contracts for 170 stores.

"Now we have a tool that is both user-friendly and gives us the overview we need. The notification function also provides us with a much-appreciated extra layer of security."

Eirik Jarl Nilssen

Nordic Franchise Director at Elkjøp

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In 2016, before the new contracts were signed, Elkjøp experienced the difficulties that can arise from an unexpected termination of a franchise contract: They lost their foothold in the city, and while they did open a smaller store, annual sales fell by more than NOK 50 million, and it took four years to re-establish a store of the same size.


Franchisee contracts have three layers of complexity:  

  • The contracts have varying terms, from one to five years.
  • Each contract has a unique extension option, also between one and five years.
  • The deadline for renegotiating also varies, with a minimum time before expiry of ten months.

"Let’s say that as a franchisee you want to leave the chain. Then it’s worth keeping your head down and hoping that the chain doesn’t contact you before your contract expires. This is a massive risk for a franchiser like Elkjøp, and poor contract management can cost us dear in such cases."


Before they started using Complete Control, Elkjøp used folders and spreadsheets to manage contracts – a solution Nilssen regards as totally unviable.


"Now we have a tool that is both user-friendly and gives us the overview we need. There is also the notification function, which gives us a much-appreciated extra layer of security. If we miss a deadline and ignore the automatic alerts, we get a call from House of Control."

About Eirik Jarl Nilssen

Eirik Jarl Nilssen is the Nordic Franchise Director at Elkjøp, responsible for managing all franchise contracts with store owners in the Nordics. 


About Visma

In the last financial year, Elkjøp Nordic generated sales of NOK 42 billion from around 420 stores across the Nordic region. More than 170 of these stores are owned by franchisees.