Date: On demand

Duration:   30 min

Guest: Kathinka Bjørne-Larsen, Head of Group Accounting and IFRS at Visma

The webinar is for: Controllers, accounting managers, CFO's, financial departments

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Welcome to the 7th IFRS 16 webinar featuring Kathinka Bjørne-Larsen from Visma

Our agenda for the webinar takes a deep dive into the accounting and IFRS practices followed by Visma, including their approach towards:
  • maintaining diligence with size, before and during closing
  • handling acquisitions, the onboarding process
  • efficiency with integrations


Read further down for the detailed agenda.



Maintaining diligence with size, before and during closing

During the webinar, Kathinka will explain how Visma sets up accounting and IFRS practices, covering crucial topics such as maintaining contract data, calculations, consolidation, and valuation in a single system. She will also discuss the responsibilities of the finance team and their routines before closing, including audit handling.

Visma has multiple companies and, during the webinar, Kathinka will discuss how they handle these companies, who is responsible for the maintenance of contract data, calculations, consolidation, and valuation of a single system. Additionally, she will explain the routines that the finance team follows before closing, and how they handle the audit.


Acquisitions and divestments

An important part of Visma’s growth strategy is acquisitions. Kathinka will help us understand what is important to consider regarding IFRS 16 when onboarding an acquired company, and what Visma does to make this process efficient. We will also briefly talk about some takeaways after the divestment of twoday that happened last year.

Efficiency with integrations

Integrations are essential in streamlining accounting and IFRS practices, and Kathinka will provide insights into what happens after the contract managers have done their job. She will explain the closing and reconciliation processes, including possible visualizations in a slide. 


Karl Oscar Rosli

Team leader & IFRS 16 expert

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Kathinka Bjørne-Larsen

Head of Group Accounting and IFRS

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