Our business concept is to safeguard your liabilities and assets, giving our clients control and making them more profitable.


House of Control is growing rapidly, and has been voted Gazelle Company of the Year every year since 2012.

The company was founded in 2006, and it all began with a burglary at a company run by the founder of House of Control, Lasse Sten. The insurance claim became a nightmare, because there was no overview of the company’s assets, and thereby no list of what had been taken. Based on his bitter experience, our founder created a tool that systematises everything that a company owns and rents – including prices, descriptions, date of purchase, who signed the contract, who uses the equipment – and more.

Lasse OM oss bright“I knew that it would not just be me who could benefit from a system like this, and that’s why I started House of Control in 2006.

Most companies are focused on revenues, and don’t pay much attention to costs. Leasing contracts for products that are no longer used, maintenance contracts for printers that have been replaced, and phone contracts for staff who have left are all things that we see more often than you would believe”.

Sten hit a nerve in the market with his product, and ever since then, House of Control has been focusing on developing its product and simplifying its processes. In the beginning, our most important products were security labelling and software for control of ICT equipment. House of Control quickly saw that the platform could also be used to provide companies with an overview of all their assets, contracts and liabilities, giving them control of these and simplifying administration. This is the platform that we now call Complete Control.

Through our head office in Norway and our subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, we now service more than 1,000 clients in 60 countries. We are the market leader in the proactive management of contracts and liabilities for large and small companies in the private, public and government sectors. We manage corporate assets worth more than NOK 150 billion.

In early 2015, the Norwegian investment company Viking Venture became a co-owner, with the aim of expanding the company internationally and accelerating its pace of innovation from 2016 onward. House of Control AS is an independent and neutral company.

Gasellevignett 2013Gasellevignett_Ny-2014

We are extremely proud to be the Gazelle Company of the Year, four years in a row!
Here you can meet all our staff.


The company’s owners

  • 52,73 % Viking Venture 7 AS
  • 16,09 % Dunvik AS (Lasse Sten)
  • 15,26 % Bjørk Invest AS (Thorstein Berg)
  • 3,28 %  Fiwe AS (Hans Georg Iwarsson)
  • 1,84 %  Morten Jærv Wang
  • 1,65 %  Fat City AS (Lars Hagen)
  • 1,22 %  Stian Fladby
  • 1,12 %  Akkar Invest AS (Thorbjørn Sneve)
  • 1,09 %  Tonje Ettesvoll
  • 0,75 %  Øyvind Robert Thorsen
  • 0,66 %  NikFan AS (Carl Fabian Flaaten)
  • 0,65 %  Marianne Harr
  • 0,61 %  Rune Aslaksen Dødsbo
  • 0,61 %  Hans-Erik Wærsted
  • 0,34 %  Pål Skjold
  • 0,26 %  Rino Rabe
  • 0,24 %  Lars Hoffmann
  • 0,23 %  Peter Noe Byskov
  • 0,18 %  Sturla Fjose
  • 0,16 %  Gustav Westman
  • 0,11 %  Gaard Invest AS (Martin Nygaard)
  • 0,11 %  Carl Erik Nyqvist
  • 0,10 %  Christen Andreas Øyan
  • 0,10 %  Ludvig Nilsson
  • 0,09 %  Thea Gjesdahl Klepp
  • 0,07 %  Cathrine Gynnild
  • 0,07 %  Jompe Dehs-Thomas
  • 0,06 %  Christoffer Bergstrøm
  • 0,06 %  Kathrine Resch-Knudsen
  • 0,05 %  Andreas Hedlund
  • 0,04 %  Jeremy Freeman
  • 0,03 %  Dion Rudolph
  • 0,03 %  Martins Eiendommer AS (Martin Bekke)
  • 0,02 %  Henrik Rønnevig
  • 0,02 %  Norunn Korsgården
  • 0,02 %  Linda Gjelsvik
  • 0,01 %  Petter Wolden
  • 0,01 %  Carsten Holløse
  • 0,01%  Charlotta Forsstrøm
  • 0,01 % Robert Eliassen