News: Intelligent and rapid reading of contracts

Introducing our new Advanced Contract Reader (ACR)! Now you can apply the benefits of machine learning to contract lifecycle management, with our advanced contract reader. Registering contracts has never been simpler, quicker or more accurate!

House of Control has launched ACR as a module for our solution Complete Control 5. This product innovation provides Complete Control users with several clear benefits:

– ACR scans PDF documents in a flash, and using advanced machine learning you can retrieve values and other information for the relevant data fields in Complete Control.

– When ACR identifies several alternatives, for example, different types of rental contracts, you can easily decide between them.

– Machine learning is already advanced, but will get even better as more contract documents are registered.

– The contract documents are stored in the solution and you can quickly find important information that the ACR cannot read – without sorting through papers or using other programmes.

– Contracts located in different parts of your organisation can be sent to central e-mail and be automatically read. Maintaining an overview and control has never been easier!

Like to know what ACR can do for contract lifecycle management in your business? Or do you have questions about security or functionality? Contact us today for a demo!