Full control of hundreds of customer and supplier contracts for companies in several countries

 Complete Control gives us easy access to all the agreements. All contracts are captured and registered.


Geir Inge Gjørva is the CFO at Moestue Group. 



In Moestue Group AS we find a dozen companies that are among Europe's leading importers of wine, beer and spirits. The common denominator is products with high quality and an exciting history, picked out by enthusiasts who live for the job.


“Complete Control gives us easy access to all the agreements.” 

Geir Gjørva


When Geir Inge Gjørva started as CFO four years ago, the agreements were stored on servers in various folders. The routines for how it was stored could vary - different from company to company and between departments. Access management was limited, and it was difficult to follow up on the agreements. Agreements could expire without being followed up.


"We, like many other companies, have hectic days where much of the focus is on product development, product availability and serving our customers. Sometimes we must prioritize other activities than following up and managing agreements."


"All contracts are captured and registered. Notifications are issued when the agreements expire, need renegotiation or require another type of follow-up. This means that our employees get full ownership of their agreements. I am rarely involved."

The process

“We defined a clear contract management process. This included, among other things, how agreements are to be submitted, registered and escalated. Then we mapped the agreements to our organisation structure and defined employee roles. This provides a sensible structure that makes it easier to track contracts.

"We are very pleased that the contracts are now captured on time and that we always have full control and a good overview of content, obligations and those responsible." 

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