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Effective budgeting and financial planning software for private and public companies in all sectors.


· Time-consuming and manual work

When businesses have several financial systems, it is a challenge to consolidate the budget. There may be different versions of the same spreadsheet. Consolidation becomes a nightmare, and the risk of failure leads increased stress levels.

· The budget works poorly as a tool for business management

You want a flexible forecasting process, but after a month the budget no longer reflects reality. Analysis becomes meaningless, and it is difficult to see important trends or issues that need your attention.

· Little improvement from year to year

Time-consuming and manual work not only increases the risk of errors; it also makes it harder to see opportunities for improvement. When managers do not feel they own their budget, they rarely participate in the process. They become disengaged, which in turn, inhibits improvement and progress.

Then it's time to try modern planning and budgeting software.


Effectplan transforms your budgeting & forecasting processes

Preparing, maintaining and compiling budgets often requires a great deal of time and manual work. Forecasts may be out of date before they are completed, and new plans are needed as the business changes.

Effectplan takes your organisation from traditional budgeting processes to proactive business planning based on updated data.


  • streamline planning and take budgeting to new level
  • avoid the headache of Excel and hours of organising data
  • gain clear visibility into finances with dynamically updated reports
  • access accurate, rolling forecasts for better decision-making
  • save time and reduces risk of human error
  • improve decision-making with real-time access to key figures
Project Manager

Full Control of Finances - Now and into the Future

Control matters. Whether you are creating the yearly budget, doing advanced forecasting or preparing quarterly reports, you need to key facts and figures on-hand. 

Manage financial planning on all levels

Effectplan is designed to improve financial and operational planning on all levels.

It is ideal for companies that use activity-based or driver-based budgeting approaches. 

This easy-to-use software enables everyone to build, modify and review cashflow plans, investment plans. operational plans, sales plans and forecasts and almost any other type of financial plan.

Keep all your data organised

Effectplan integrates with your ERP, HR or other systems, eliminating the need to  export data and update spreadsheets.

With the aid of a sleek ‘drag & drop’ interface, you can create your own templates, calculations, reports and logic to support even the most advanced budgetting models.

During an ongoing budgeting process, Effeplan provides continuously updated forecasts and consolidated figures. You can also do ad-hoc analysis whenever it's needed, without having to rely on anyone else.

Analyze and report with ease

Effectplan has a built-in reporting module. Live dashboards present data in a way that is easy to understand. This provides valuable information about what management can do to bring actual results back in line with the budget.

The system is integrated with Business Analyze, business intelligence solution, and is easily integrated with other BI solutions.

Unite the entire organsation

Effectplan effectively connects finance teams to the rest of the business. It facilitates  planning and budgeting processes by enabling finance teams to collaborate effectively with senior management and budget managers.

The software include advanced features like role-based user access and workflow planning. When you rely on many departments to manage their own expenditures, Effectplan will help them do it effectively. 


We have been running Effectplan for a few years now, and the best thing about it is it's so simple, yet flexible. The problem in the past was that we had several different versions of the budgets, but no one knew which one was the original.
Sanna Björling
Controller, Fryshuset


You will receive a login link and an invitation to a workshop. Our consultants work with you to make sure the system is set-up based on your requirements. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in unproductive meetings, we work directly in Effectplan right from the start.

Many of our customers have special needs related to their account-structure, oganisational structure or reporting requirements. Our consultants work with you to adjust Effectplan to meet your unique way of working.

You don’t have to install the software on servers. Effectplan is cloud-based software which is delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). When the software is updated, you automatically receive updates.

Email us at support@effectplan.com. We answer your requests as quickly as possible and are open 08.00-16:00 CET on weekdays.



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