this is Effectplan

We've acquired Effectplan, one of Europe's leading tools for budgeting and forecasting

Another great reason why House of Control is the CFO's best friend

Does this sound familiar?

Time-consuming and manual work for the finance department, but with a high risk of making mistakes

A business often has several different financial systems, which in principle make it challenging to consolidate the budget. There are several different versions of the same spreadsheet, which means that the numbers must be checked again and again. Consolidation becomes a nightmare, and the risk of failure leads to an increase in stress levels.

The budget works poorly as a tool for business management

You want a flexible forecasting process, but after a month the budget no longer reflects reality. When the quality of the budget is low, and budgeting and forecasts are very time-consuming, a "consequential error" occurs: the big picture disappears due to poor transparency. Analysis becomes meaningless, and it is difficult to see important trends over time.

Slow improvement and limited insight and learning from year to year

This is the combined effect of the first two problems. Time-consuming and manual work not only increases the risk of errors; it also makes it harder to have an effective overview and see opportunities for improvement. When managers do not feel a sense of ownership of the budget and they rarely participate in the process, they can disengage which inhibits improvement and progress.

Effectplan transforms your budgeting and forecasting processes

There is a solution for the CFO that delivers better budgeting processes and better budgets. Budgets with fewer mistakes, that take less time to create, that are easier to consolidate, that business leaders own, that have excellent analysis capabilities, and only ONE version ...

Effectplan is a revelation for the Controller and the  CFO. Effectplan is a budgeting and forecasting tool that enables you to easily and accurately create, manage and modify the budget. It is delivered alongside a streamlined, powerful and centralized forecasting process which means Controllers and their teams are more effective and more efficient. Instead, time is freed-up to focus on analysis and reconciliation under controlled conditions, despite advanced budget models.

House of Control is very proud to be able to offer the industry-leading tool for budgeting and forecasting from our Swedish subsidiary Effectplan. It offers a comprehensive set of valuable features including:

  • Simple user interface, yet flexible with outstanding options for customisation to your  specific business
  • A tool that can also be used by employees outside the finance department, so that both ownership and knowledge of the budgets are strengthened
  • Intelligent consolidation of figures from various systems, which ensures better quality, through, among other features, strong traceability
  • More transparent budgets make it easier to see the big picture, as well as make budgets better tools for business management
  • An online budget that exists in one version, so you avoid the problems with different versions of the same Excel sheet
  • The fact that budgeting takes place in a common tool reduces the need to maintain budgets and forecasting processes
  • The SaaS tool integrates with your existing Business Intelligence system
  • Effectplan saves you time while improving your budget

Take a look for yourself in the videos below - and order a demo today at the bottom of this page! You can also see and read more on Effectplan's website.

Introduction: Effectplan in 2 minutes

The New Effectplan - a short introduction

Effectplan for Retail

Effectplan for the retail industry

Effectplan for Construction

Effectplan for the Construction industry

this is Effectplan

We identified a problem, namely that CPM and planning processes often consume a lot of time because many companies are using Excel or dated budgeting systems. Therefore, we created Effectplan, a budgeting and forecasting system that allows companies to work in a more resource and activity-based way. To ensure that Effectplan really meets the needs of managers, CFOs, controllers and others, we involved our client companies during the development process.

We received feedback from a variety of companies. Today, we see the results in Effectplan. With an improved foundation, clients have been able to streamline their work and use their time more efficiently, with more focus on analysis and quality work. That’s what we’re here to help you with!

Effectplan is available in Nordic languages, English and German and in all the world's number formats.

It's a game-changer and it's available now. Book a demo today and see the future of budgeting and forecasting for yourself! 

Features of Effectplan

  • Easy to implement
  • Suitable for all organizations
  • Easy to maintain for the finance department and controllers
  • Easy to integrate with ERP/HR or data warehouse
  • Could be the solution for analysis and outcomes in the same portal
  • The very latest cloud platform
  • Advanced and fast

Customer benefits

  • Faster budget process
  • Save time on budget and forecast
  • Increases quality
  • Improves transparency
  • Increases cost awareness 
  • Reduces consultant dependency
  • Creates understanding and ownership of budget and forecast
  • Provides unique simulation capabilities
  • Reduction of costs, less dependence on core personnel
  • Lower risk, reduced costs, easy maintenance

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