Complete Control

Complete Control is a cloud-based system that puts you in control of your contracts, liabilities and assets

  • Get an overview of contracts without having to rely on individual people
  • See all your future liabilities quickly and easily
  • You receive notifications of expiries, renewals, due dates, etc.
  • Much easier budgeting process with a full overview of all your contract-related cash flows
  • You can see who is using equipment and assets at any time
  • The system generates asset reports that show the actual value and book values of your assets
  • Simple import and export to Excel and PowerPoint
  • Intuitive system with easy administration
  • 100 % web-based SaaS system – no new infrastructure needed
  • Complete Control is available in 5 languages.

Automatic notifications

No more searching for contracts!
Nothing gets forgotten

Cloud-based & easy to use

No need for new infrastructure
Encrypted, secure communication

Huge savings

Eliminate unnecessary costs
Improve the bottom line

Always be in full control

Simplify work for your staff and your CFO!


Complete Control works for businesses that employ anywhere between 20 and 10,000 staff, with a standard system that meets most needs. If you need a system that is more extensive or advanced, we can customise it by adding on specialist modules, giving you exactly what you need. Click on the icons below to see the additional functions provided by the various modules.


Whether property is owned or leased, it is difficult to administer, and involves large sums of money. The Rent module ensures that you have a full overview of all the rental contracts and tenancies associated with your business’s properties.
The module gathers all the threads associated with rental agreements, price adjustments, the condition of properties, accounts receivable and accounts payable. And it reminds you about every deadline, giving you complete control of notice periods and any option dates. Due dates, price adjustments, periodic maintenance and contract durations are monitored and notifications are sent out at agreed times.


The Assets module provides an overview of all the equipment used by your business. A few taps on the keyboard will provide you with a report of active assets – in other words, with a complete inventory for your business.

You can see what kind of equipment is used by individual employees, find out whether their equipment soon needs replacing, and see an asset’s service history. The module includes overviews of IT, art, vehicles and other high-value items, including methods of acquisition, artist, valuation date, location, person responsible, etc.

Advanced notification

The Advanced Notification Centre allows you to customise automatic notifications. Proactive notification is a cornerstone of Complete Control’s standard system, but this module gives you an even more advanced notification configuration.

It can provide you with notifications of every type of contract and liability, and keep track of employees, assets, indices, projects, etc. For example, whether an employee has a birthday or anniversary, or whether their qualifications (licences, courses, certificates) are about to expire. In other words, every possible deadline about which it might be useful and important for a company to receive automatic notifications.


The Integration module deals with contract price adjustments, and is fully integrated with Statistics Norway. It means that you can plan expenses and revenues much more accurately.

Tables are extracted from Statistics Norway, including Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish indices going back as far as 1900. This function saves you time and provides excellent data for invoicing. The module automatically adjusts prices in accordance with specified indices, and you can even be notified of price index changes if you wish. The module includes reports in Excel of all planned and historic changes.


The module systematises HR documents and agreements, and provides notifications when qualifications are about to expire, sickness absence notifications, performance appraisals, or other deadlines.

The HR module provides a clear and easy overview of any certificates that are due to expire, qualifications that are required for a job title, photos of employees, unique search tools for qualifications within the company, CV exports with an option of what information to include, file attachments for employees, etc.

Project management

The Projects module allows you to manage projects more efficiently, since it enables you to include human resources and assets in parallel in your planning.

The module allows you to allocate employees and assets to your chosen project, using real-time status about whether the person or unit is available. It also provides a clear picture of the project’s costs and revenues, as well as an employee history, showing any previous projects with which they have been involved, project calendars, etc.

Document centre

The Document Centre module provides you with an excellent overview of important documentation. You can upload file attachments in a folder structure, share folders with specified people, grant read and write access for specified periods, etc.

Documents suitable for use with the program include minutes of meetings, contract templates, minutes of board meetings, board documents, plans and safety drawings, etc.


The Transactions module is a unique tool that enables you to proactively manage your company’s contracts. The module allows you to split and systematise any costs associated with contracts and liabilities, according to your needs.

You can split costs by department/company or in line with the company’s account schedule, define numerous transaction categories according to your needs, set periodic changes to amounts, clarify the currency of a contract, etc. Reports can be issued in Excel or pdf format, and the report function has excellent search options.


Currencies is a function that we can activate if you need this. It is useful if your company has contracts in several currencies.Complete Control is synchronised with Norges Bank on a daily basis, which means that you can generate accurate financial reports about agreements and transactions in the desired currency and in convertible summaries.


Labels is a function that we can activate, depending on your company’s needs. It makes it easy for you to label contracts, assets, staff, projects, etc. You can label using colour or text, depending on what you require.

One of the most important benefits of Complete Control is the ability to take control of contracts and liabilities, without having to rely on individual people. Contracts on behalf of a company are often signed at different levels and by different people. You don't need to have a lot of staff before it becomes difficult to maintain an overview – particularly if the person who signed the agreement is on sick leave, has changed jobs or has left the company.


9 out of 10 companies cannot answer these questions.

  • Exactly how many contracts is your company party to?
  • What are the residual liabilities of these contracts?
  • How long do the contracts run for?
  • When do you have to give notice if you don’t want to renew?
  • What is the outgoing cash flow for the company’s contracts for the next 12 months?
  • Are there any procedures if someone leaves the company?
  • Can you easily provide the value and serial number of IT equipment that has been lost, stolen or misplaced?

If this applies to your business, it might be a very good idea to do a review!

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