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We develop and provide software for Contract Management and IFRS 16 Compliance (Lease Accounting).

Our Software-as-a-Service solutions solves important, time-consuming, and professionally challenging work for the CFO and finance department. 

- Used by 2,700+ customers in more than 65 countries

- Part of Visma, Europe's leading provider of core business software

This is what we offer

The user-friendly technology your company needs to cut costs, save time, reduce risk, and improve compliance

Contract management

  • Centralized control of all liabilities and contracts

  • More efficient and correct invoice accounting

  • Faster and more precise budgeting

  • Leaner cost base with complete supplier and contract oversight

  • Notifications to avoid unwanted and automatic renewals

  • Reduces dependency on key personnel 




  • Lease Accounting Software for IFRS 16 leases

  • Effectively manages the compliance burden

  • Automates calculations, aggregates, and reporting

  • Co-exists with the ERP system, and much more reliable than Excel

  • Creates business value: Harvest the fruits from sound contract management



We started using Complete Control to get better control over suppliers and active contracts. The tool has played an important role in the savings we achieved, NOK 100 million in 2021 and NOK 120 million in 2022.

-Roy Torheim, Procurement and Operations Director

Contract management software is simply a prerequisite to gain the necessary overview, and it helps us classify contracts according to risk.

-David José Kouyoumdjian, Internal Audit Manager

With almost 400 leases we need a tool we can trust. The risk of error is much lower when you can trust a dedicated software.

-Regine Vik, Chief Group Controller

When all the agreements are stored in Complete Control, it’s easy to follow up that invoiced amounts are in accordance with the agreed amounts, and to link it to the responsible person in our company.

-Gisle Hauge, Head of Legal & Procurement

This is a solution that works for us, that makes us better. The more we use Complete Control, the greater user value we realize.

-Thorn Hemsen, Managing Director

Complete Control - Contract management software

Complete Control is a Software-as-a-Service for managing contracts and assets. It helps the CFO cut costs, save time on accounting and budgeting, and reduce dependency on key personnel. In this 90 second video you can get a taste of what this tool can do for you.

IFRS 16 software

IFRS 16 reporting can be demanding. Take a look at how our Lease Accounting Software works. It smoothens the compliance burden and helps your company gain real business value from better lease management. 

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